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Version 0.9.9 Backported Changes

Release Date: 21/02/2023

GUARDARA no longer requires a license file. This change has been backported into version 0.9.9. If you have the old version of the 0.9.9 Docker images, you may want to replace those with the new ones. Additionally, all the GUARDARA Docker images are now served via Docker Hub.

The installer of GUARDARA 0.9.9 and the related assets can be downloaded below.

If you wish to install GUARDARA using Terraform, you can find an example Terraform configuration on the GUARDARA Community GitLab.

Installer BundleProductInstaller bundle to deploy GUARDARA.Download
Installer Bundle (AWS)ProductInstaller bundle to deploy GUARDARA using the Terraform configuration example.Download
Google Chrome ExtensionProductGoogle Chrome extension to capture and imports HTTP requests into GUARDARA.Download
GDB MonitorExtension / MonitorExtension to monitor remote process status via the GNU Debugger (GDB) server.Download
Log MonitorExtension / MonitorRemote-syslog and local file log monitor.Download
CDP ChecksumExtension / TransformCalculate Cisco CDP checksums.Download

Version 0.9.9

Release Date: 06/01/2023


  • Improved OpenAPI document validation and web service test case generation.
  • Improved email subsystem configuration.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.9.8

Release Date: 12/11/2022

This is a maintenance release that brings bug fixes and several other improvements.

Version 0.9.7

Release Date: 30/10/2022

This is a maintenance release that brings bug fixes and several other improvements under the hood.

Version 0.9.6

Release Date: 12/10/2022

  • The new x-guardara-omit OpenAPI extension allows removing elements from Schema Objects using a JSON pointer. More information here.
  • When running web service tests, the Sanity Check feature now presents the HTTP response that triggered the sanity check failure in the Activity Log.
  • Previously, the web service testing feature created test configurations that tested the query parameter keys too, not only the values. This update ensures GUARDARA only tests the query parameter values by default. You can use the Message Template Designer to modify the generated test configuration if you wish to test the query parameter keys.
  • This release comes with an updated Engine as well. We have made several improvements primarily related to error reporting and reliability.

In addition, we have fixed numerous bugs and made several improvements across all the services.

Version 0.9.5

Release Date: 18/08/2022

We have fixed numerous bugs, made significant improvements and refactored quite a big chunk of the codebase. The major changes are listed below.

  • The Alpha version of a new, Web Service Testing feature has been added to this release. You can import OpenAPI documents and run single-operation tests easily.
  • Part of the web service testing feature we are releasing an early version of an OpenAPI document validation feature. Any OpenAPI document imported via the user interface will be passed to this validation feature to detect API related issues passively. This feature can be accessed as a standalone feature as well via the API so you can validate OpenAPI documents from your CI/CD pipeline.
  • A new feature of the Engine allows running Sanity Checks when testing web services to detect any client-side (for example, test configuration) or server-side issues that could negatively impact dynamic testing of the application.
  • A new feature of the Engine allows running Authentication Checks to detects broken authentication when testing web services.
  • This version of GUARDARA introduces a new concept: Variable Collections. A Variable Collection is a test asset that allows defining a list of session variables to be used by Message and Flow Templates, and Callbacks. It is no longer possible to define session variables in the Message and Flow template designers.
  • In this new version, there are multiple session variable types. While all session variables are functionally identical, their purpose and use case may differ. The variable types allow organizing and controlling the visibility of variables during Project configuration.
  • This version of GUARDARA introduces another asset type: the Condition Group Collection. It allows the implementation of one or more rule sets (Condition Groups). These Condition Groups can be attached to Group Fields within Message Templates or Actions within Flow Templates. Only when all rules of a Condition Group evaluate to be True does the Group or Action the Condition Group assigned get processed.
  • The Projects page has been completely removed. The new Test Assets page allows managing all test configuration-related assets, including Projects.
  • A pretty cool thing about Projects on the Test Assets page is that they behave similar to a Group, meaning, Project related assets can be stored under the Project they belong to better organize your assets.
  • Projects and all related assets can now be exported by clicking the Export button of the Project. Please note, only assets grouped under the Project are included in the downloaded Project bundle.
  • Project bundles can be uploaded from the Test Assets page by clicking the Import button and selecting the Import Project option.
  • The String and Delimiter fields received a new property that allows defining a list of forbidden characters/values. These values, if set, will never show up in the values generated by the fields.
  • A max_size (Maximum size) property has been added to the Group field that can be used to define the maximum size of a Group.
  • The Bitfield Field received several improvements.
  • The API Key and Secret pair has been replaced with JWT tokens. API keys are now to be provided as Bearer tokens.
  • The API Keys now expire. The interface was updated to let users specify when the API key should expire.
  • The SDK received numerous updates as well due to the aforementioned changes.
  • We have removed the AMD64 macOS Engine and replaced it with an ARM64 (Apple M1) one.
  • The Google Chrome extension and the related importing and testing capabilities of GUARDARA received significant improvements. The new version (1.9.6) of the Google Chrome extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.